When a major storm rolls through the Columbus area, it’s not always easy to determine whether your roof has sustained damage. Since a minor issue can quickly turn into a major problem, the safest course of action is to have a roofing storm repair expert come to your home to inspect your roof. 

As a leading Columbus roofing company, our team is trained to look for several common warning signs of roof damage to every element of your roof, including: 


High wind during storms can loosen shingles or completely move roofing materials from their original location. In some cases, shingles can be repaired, although major wind damage could require a full roof replacement. During a shingle inspection, roofing experts look for: 

  • Cracked, Buckling, or Curling Shingles 
  • Missing Shingles 
  • Loose Shingles Around Pipes and Chimneys 


Heavy rains and hail storms can cause asphalt shingle granules to loosen and travel down your roof into the gutters. Hail is especially damaging since it creates small patches or spots of missing granules that can lead to further damage if left unrepaired for an extended time. 

Fascia and Soffits 

Water damage from storms can result in rotted, cracked, or missing fascia and soffit boards. Repairing fascia and soffits quickly is imperative as they keep moisture and unwanted pests out of your home—and prevent structural problems. 


During a severe storm, the flashing around skylights, vents, and chimneys can crack or break leaving your roof susceptible to leaks. If you own an older home, your flashing could be made of tar or roof cement, and upgrading to metal flashing can enhance durability. 


The first layer of your roof is built of wood that can easily be damaged by heavy rains or debris from storms leading to leaks. An exterior inspection can determine whether you have trapped moisture, rotting wood, or sagging spots. Stains or streaks on interior ceilings are also signs of a leaking roof. 

If you’ve recently experienced strong storms, it’s possible that your home could have roof damage. Since 2005, thousands of Columbus homeowners have counted on our experienced team for thorough roof inspections and professional storm repairs. No matter the extent of your roof damage, we’re here to help! Contact Universal Builders roofers today to learn more about our comprehensive services, or fill out our fast online form now to request a free quote.