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While summer in Columbus, Ohio can be beautiful, it also comes with severe storms. Even the strongest roofing systems get hit during storm season. Heavy thunderstorms bring wind, hail, and flash floods that can have disastrous effects. This can quickly create leaks, chips, and uplifts.

Universal Builders is Columbus’ experienced roofing company that has seen the results of storm season and knows how to prepare your home. Follow our tips to prepare your roof for storm season

Get a Thorough Roof Inspection

Before storm season approaches, be proactive and consider preparing before a storm comes. Find a roofing company you can trust to prepare a detailed pre-season inspection of your roof. Professional roof replacement contractors will get into high and hard-to-reach areas of your home’s exterior to look for signs of potential damage.

Keep up to date with potential roof damage with a storm report from your local roofing company. While a storm report is not as detailed as an inspection, it is a free and fast way to understand the extent of damage a storm recently had on your roof. Storm damage reports are a useful way to maintain your home’s exterior.

Repair Any Previous Roof Damage

An inspection will point out any signs of roof damage that should be repaired or replaced. While chipped or cracked shingles may seem minor, they can turn into more complex problems after experiencing another storm. Repairing these small issues is a cost-effective way to avoid the hassle and price of larger leaks and uplifts.

If you want an entire roof replacement that will be more weather-resistant than your current roof system, consider a Total Protection Roofing System. This layered approach to roofing is a premium roof option that protects and seals your roof from extreme weather. The shingles you choose are customizable so that you can maintain your home’s style while adding security.

Inspect Your Surroundings

Inspect the outside of your home to look for potential danger zones. Trim trees and remove loose branches that could fall. Look into removing weak trees that are rotting or shedding before they fall onto your roof. You should also remove or tie down large items by bringing in your trash cans, parking your car in your garage if possible, and removing any loose debris. Roof strapping is a great investment that works to hold down your roof during strong windstorms.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Roofing Company You Can Trust

A quality roof is an investment in your home, which is why you should find a roofing company you can trust in times of need. Universal Builders is a Columbus roofing company with nationwide exterior remodeling services. Our expert team is trained and insured in full-service roofing, siding, and gutters that protect your home from storm damage. Call us today to learn more about our services, or fill out our short online form for your free roof inspection today!  (855) 512-1012