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Insulated Siding

When you think of replacement siding, curb appeal is often the first consideration that comes to mind, but there are many related advantages to choosing a high-quality siding for your local home that go beyond appearance.

At Universal Builders, we offer insulated siding—a durable, low-maintenance solution that delivers unparalleled curb appeal and improved efficiency for Columbus homes and businesses.

As a veteran-owned, BBB-accredited company that has been trusted with over 10,000 projects since 2005, we stand tall above the rest with our siding services. All of our insulated siding installers are trained, certified, and fully committed to helping you choose the ideal product for complementing and protecting your home—while delivering guaranteed installations that stand the test of time.

For Peak Energy Efficiency, Insulated Siding is the Way to Go!

Even if you’re no siding expert, it’s easy to grasp that insulated siding creates a more effective barrier between the interior and exterior of your home than hollow siding. Expect such additional benefits as:

  • Protection Against Moisture: More than any other siding material, insulated siding offers nearly complete protection against the invasion of water and moisture into your home
  • Smooth and Sturdy: Filled with polystyrene, insulated siding is more rigid than its hollow counterpart, making for a smooth appearance, easy installation, and a watertight, well-kept exterior. 
  • Ease of Installation: The fact that insulated siding is easy to install makes it a highly cost-effective choice for any Columbus property.

Enjoy High-Value Benefits with Insulated Siding Installation

Even the most beautiful replacement insulated siding needs to be strong enough to protect your home and efficient enough to ensure the comfort of your family. That’s what you’ll find with the insulated siding from Universal Builders, and we can assist you with selecting the ideal siding style to take your home to the next level, with products that offer:

  • Increased Home Value: When you choose insulated siding for your exterior remodel, you are choosing a high-value product that offers exceptional benefits, including adding overall value to your Columbus home.
  • Lower Energy Costs: Nobody likes seeing their energy bills rise year after year, and an installation of insulated siding adds an extra layer of protection to your home’s structure that will noticeably reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Improved Curb Appeal: You want your home to look as great as it functions, and you get the best of both worlds with our impressive selection of customized siding colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Long-Term Protection: Our siding comes from trusted manufacturers known for high-quality products in the industry, and your new siding comes complete with long-term warranty coverage, expert installation, and superior performance.

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As your choice for a professional siding company in Columbus and across the nation, Universal Builders guarantees a hassle-free experience when choosing us for your upcoming installation.

For more information on our insulated siding, vinyl siding, and other products and services, just give us a call. To request your free, no-obligation estimate and consultation now, fill out our brief online form!