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Aluminum Siding

When it’s time to update the siding on your Columbus home, you deserve to have more than just traditional vinyl siding options to choose from! At Universal Builders, we offer high-quality aluminum siding that delivers superior benefits at a cost-effective price. Designed to be easy to install and customizable to the unique style of any property, our aluminum siding provides lasting home protection and upgraded curb appeal that stands the test of time.

Since 2005, Universal Builders has built our reputation as trusted aluminum siding installers for homes in Columbus, across Ohio, and right around the country. With an expert team of contractors, top-rated products, and flexible financing, we can make it easy for you to get the stunning exterior update you deserve—without breaking your budget.

Long-Term Benefits with Replacement Aluminum Siding

While it might not be the first material that you think of when deciding on the right home siding for your project, replacement aluminum siding can cut down on your overall remodeling costs while offering a mix of durability, style, and efficiency.

At Universal Builders, we’ll go over the various options and advantages that you can expect to receive with our aluminum siding products during your free consultation, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that our siding comes with:

  • Lightweight Construction: The lightweight nature of aluminum allows for efficient, fast installation, and Universal Builders utilizes innovative techniques to minimize the hassle of installing this product on your local home.
  • Energy-Efficient Designs: As a place that sees more than its share of extreme temperatures and conditions, replacement aluminum siding for Columbus homes is a highly efficient cladding option that helps to reduce annual energy costs.
  • Superior Durability: Resistant to rot, mold, pests, rust, fire, and moisture, aluminum siding holds up to decades of wear and tear—making it ideal for homes in a four-season climate.
  • Affordable Pricing: As one of the most cost-effective siding materials available, aluminum siding allows for a budget-friendly home upgrade, and we can make it even more affordable with flexible financing options!

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Siding: How Do They Compare?

In Columbus and across the country, vinyl and aluminum have competed for the title of most popular siding material for decades, and for good reasons! In terms of performance, appearance, maintenance, and energy savings, the two have much in common.

However, if your main concern is up-front affordability, aluminum will often be the more budget-friendly option. Our team will be pleased to provide more details to help you decide which option would be best for your specific home.  

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As the first choice for home siding replacement, Universal Builders is here to help you get the upgrades that you deserve for your Columbus home—with products that you can rely on to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them.

Learn more about our aluminum siding and professional installation services by giving us a call today, or request a free quote and consultation by submitting our brief online form now!