Ohio! We are in your neighborhood working to repair the damage left by the May 3rd hailstorm! Not sure if you were hit? You can get a free storm damage report HERE or call us for a free inspection!

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Columbus Low Slope Roof Repair

When you need a company to work on a low slope roof, choose onewith specialized experience. Universal Builders has seen what can happen when anovice completes the work. In fact, we’ve been called in to do some cleanupwork after gaps by the roof edge caused damage.

Our Columbus low slope roofing specialists have the training andexperience they need to provide a repair or installation. No matter the size ofthe building or the complexity of the task, we’ll provide remarkable results.

Don’t wait until a needed leak repair leads to extensive secondarydamage. Take action at the first sign of an issue. Also consider annualinspections which allow us to spot and correct any problems early. Your lowslope roof is in good hands with us!

Low Slope RoofReplacement

A Built-up roof (BUR) is a common choice for a low slope roofreplacement, but many other types of materials can also be used. Whether you’rereplacing a low slope roof with asphalt shingles, clay tile, metal, or someother material, our Columbus roofers will provide exceptional workmanship alongwith:

  • Free Consultations andAccurate Cost Estimates
  • Premium Roofing Materials
  • Ability to Work on Any SizeJob
  • Award-Winning Service
  • Industry-Leading Warranty

When you work with us to replace a low slope roof, you’ll become acustomer for life!

Low Slope RoofInstallation

You might be wondering about the cost of a Columbus low slope roofinstallation. At Universal Builders, we don’t think anyone should have tooverpay for quality services. That’s why we do what we can to keep our pricesfor a low slope roof install competitive while still providing a superiorresult. We also offer flexible financing with low interest options to make installinga low slope roof easier on your budget.

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