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12 Months SAME AS CASH financing

Why should I finance?

  • You can start your project immediately!
  • No extra fees or expenses
  • You'll have home equity for other projects and then you don't have to give up digging into your credit balances for emergencies

Our team is sweetening the deal by offering a 12-month deferral period from any payments for your new exterior project - same as cash! This means, when you are approved for financing, you have one year without any interest or payments. Your payments will start after 12 months.

Another benefit of same as cash financing is if you pay off the loan in its entirety within the 12 months, you won’t owe any interest on your project!

For more information on financing your project contact us today by filling out a quote form or giving us a call


^*May not apply to insurance related projects"

Same as Cash Financing

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